Podcast: Realistic expectations and success

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Realistic expectations and success

Realistic expectations and success

Simon Shares

  • The rand is back where it was when then Finance Minster Nene was fired. So everybody who was lamenting that they missed their chance to get money offshore into USD, here’s your second chance.
  • The NewFunds ILBI (JSE code: NFILBI) is our focus ETF this week. Tracking inflation linked bonds it sounds perfectly boring but actually looks really interesting for a broad ETF portfolio.
  • Expectations. What are your expectations from your trading and/or investing? Are they reasonable? Are they hurting your ability to create wealth?

We Get Mail

  • Terrance
    • I also hold Astoria (JSE code: ARA), I bought @ R15.14- 10% of portfolio already down 6.8% but so also is the rand/dollar, I was wondering on your thoughts regarding its value and comments by Keith Mclachlan as there seems quite a bit of negativity surrounding its value and costs. I bought it for the long term 5-10 years and the purpose 2 fold to invest in other markets and rand hedge. Is this all just hear say and noise?
  • Everybody
    • What about putting your emergency cash into your bond?

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