Podcast: Where to for the Rand?

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Where to for the Rand?

Where to for the Rand?

Where to for the Rand?

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Garth MacKenzie TradersCorner.co.za

Where too for the rand? We’ve seen it stronger this year after a blow out late last year and into January. Garth offers a technical view and below is the long term monthly chart of USD/ZAR.

Long term monthly USD/ZAR chart

Long term monthly USD/ZAR chart

We Get Mail

  • Fouche
    • Would there be any merit in the argument that Japan is 20 years ahead of “us” (USA Europe world markets that are applying QE) and we could be looking at similar years of sideways movement?
  • Aaron
    • I have an aunt who wants to start saving R10k p/m for the next 12 months. What can you advise as the most suitable investment option. She asked for my advise but am not sure what to suggest to her as I think 1 year is a short period.
  • Ryno

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