Podcast: Sell the dogs (sorry dogs)

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Sell the dogs

Sell the dogs

Sell the dogs (sorry dogs)

Simon Shares

  • Ellies (JSE code: ELI) results were as ugly as expected and the company is being kept alive by their bankers at Standard Bank. Megatron is worthless after buying it for R180million in 2008 and spending some half billion keeping it afloat. A few weeks ago in FinWeek I said sell ELI at around 60c and I would not be a buyer now.
  • Kumba (JSE code: KIO) results were not bad. They have got their cost down to $34/tonne from closer to $55 previously. It does mean less production to get the lower costs and the market is still in massive over supply but they at least now positioned to (likely) survive.
  • SABMiller (JSE code: SAB) got an extra pound with the offering being revised to GBP45 but some minority shareholders are still not happy as the pound has weakened. One can hardly blame SAB or AB Inbev for that but the minority shareholders need 25% to block the deal and that’s very unlikely.
  • Kristia looks at ETF costs in her blog this week.
  • The Fat Wallet Show takes Magnus Heystek to task for suggesting all ETFs are evil and have been mis-sold over the years.

Anchoring – sell the dog

Simon talks about getting rid of those zombie stock in your portfolio; when, why and how. Most importantly they are causing pain and the price you paid for them does not matter.

We Get Mail

  • Ryno
    • Why hasn’t anybody (in SA) tried to replicate the Berkshire model of buying insurance companies and using money of premiums to make investments in big companies ?
  • Lindiwe
    • What happens if Deutsche Bank goes under and I hold their ETFs?
  • Anon
    • Any hope for Taste (JSE code: TAS)?

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