Responsibility of knowledge

Podcast: Responsibility of knowledge

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Responsibility of knowledge

Responsibility of knowledge

Simon Shares

  • Apple (Nasdaq code: AAPL) results show a maturing company as iPhone sales have decidedly slow. But they’re far from down and out with app store sales, accessories etc. doing great and they still have a monster cash pile.
  • Rand under serious pressure trading out at R12.60/US$ after R11.50/US$ in late February. This is in large part due to US$ strength and it does not make me panic and change my long-term view of Rand strength.
  • Steinhoff (JSE code: SNH) below 200c.
  • In the 6 years to 2018, Barclays (LSE code: BARC) paid out £35.6billion for litigation, misconduct charges, bank levies, losses from asset sales etc. This is £1billion more than operating profit during the period!
  • Pembury (JSE code: PEM) has been suspended for late results as they struggle with some IFRS issues. I like the retirement idea, but the rush to list as a schools company was concerning and the share has been under pressure. Further the inability to publish what must be fairly simple results is more concern. Let them prove themselves before even bothering with the stock.
  • The Mouton family has just bought some R90million of PSG shares, I mentioned in my SA Inc video that they are the best indicator of value in the stock.
  • Six questions to ask before buying an ETF.
  • Foreign dividends.

Responsibility of knowledge

Knowledge is power but only if you share it.

Every year since 2007 I have been a speaker at the annual JSE Schools challenge prize giving in October and a key theme has always been – the responsibility of knowledge. This talk is aimed at school kids but it occurred to me that actually this part of the speech is actually relevant to everybody. Actually all the parts are but they’re another podcast for another time.

As investors or traders or even if only a novice our knowledge on markets and investing is way more than the vast majority of people and that puts a responsibility on us – we need to share this knowledge.

This is less about hot tips, in fact leave the hot tips out of the equation. it is more about helping other people understand the market, ETFs and how it really can create wealth with no rocket science required.

Remember the average South African knows nothing about the market and is generally fearful of it and we can help change that and help create smarter and ultimately richer South Africans.

Tell them about tax-free. About ETFs, about fees killing returns. Tell them.

And even if you think you have no knowledge to share as you’re still learning – wrong. You have way more than the average person. So get talking.

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