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The fifth annual SA Listed Tracker Awards (SALTAs) were held last week with twenty-six awards on offer with seven issuers winning. All in it was a fun event (my first in-person event in two years) and showed the strength of the industry with a broad section of winners.

Most of the awards are for total returns over either three, five or ten years. This is notable and great if you hold the ETF, but it is more a function of the underlying basket being tracked.

To me, the most important awards are those for tracking errors.

This is how closely the ETF racks the underlying assets and the winners in the four categories where;

The people’s choice award was once again won by the Satrix Top40 ETF. They have now won it in every one of five years, but competition is fierce at the top with the 1nvest Top40 ETF second, Sygnia Itrix 4th Industrial Revolution ETF coming third, Satrix DIVI Plus ETF fourth and 1nvest S&P 500 Information Technology ETF rounding out the top 5.

Of note was the illusion of Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) in this year’s awards, but excluding the single stock ETNs from FNB.

The issuer standings were;

Issuer Number of awards
Satrix 9
1nvest 5
CoreShares 4
Absa Capital 4
Sygnia Itrix 2

Below is an interview I did with Nerina Visser on the awards.


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