Discover the Power of Commodities with 1nvest: Navigating the Trends and Unlocking Portfolio Diversity

Simon Brown


28 May    
11 00 - 12 00
Johann Erasmus, executive director 1nvest

Johann Erasmus, executive director 1nvest

Join us for an insightful webcast as Simon Brown from sits down with Johann Erasmus, the executive director at 1nvest, to explore the exciting world of commodity investing.

In this must-attend event, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the current commodity market landscape and uncover the tremendous potential these assets hold for diversifying your investment portfolio.

Hear from the experts as they delve into the latest trends shaping the prices of precious metals like gold and platinum group metals (PGMs), as well as industrial commodities such as copper and oil. Learn how these commodities can serve as effective hedges against inflation and provide valuable diversification to your overall investment strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, this webcast is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and discover the role commodities can play in building a resilient and well-balanced portfolio.

Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with industry leaders, ask questions, and unlock the secrets to successful commodity investing. Register now and secure your spot for this enlightening and informative webcast.

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