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Trader or Investor?

Trader or Investor?

Simon Shares

  • Minister Gordhan delivers his budget speech next Wednesday, what can we expect in terms of new or higher taxes? STT, DWT and CGT?
  • Remember, remember. The end of February is end of the tax year and you have until then to fill in your R30k limit for TFSA. If you already have hit your limit new year starts on 1 March 2016. We include a recommended portfolio and my picks here.
  • Anglo America (JSE code: AGL) announced their restructuring. The big, but not unsurprising was the exiting of Kumba Iron Ore (JSE code: KIO). But how? They could just unbundle to shareholders, or try sell it. Latter will not be easy and former would put serious pressure on the KIO share price if the almost 70% AGL holds hit the market.
  • ARB Holdings (JSE code: ARB) remains ungeared with R190,9m net cash on hand. I first discovered this company in about 2008 when they had some R300m. They’ve been spending it very very cautiously, too cautiously?
  • Discovery (JSE code: DSY) update has spooked the market. We’ve seen this before.
  • Latest Boot Camp Video, trading the news flow is online and next month we’re looking at FX and index trading and again we’ll include some trading systems. You can book here.

Garth McKenzie TradersCorner.co.za

Ketef (via Twitter) asks “Simon from experience-have you made more money trading short term compared to longer term? Any correlation btn timeframe & profits?”

The answer is more than just about returns. It is about sleeping well at night, time required to manage the trades and experience in the market. There is no get rich quick here, but a well balanced portfolio of money split between trading and investing can boost returns while we learn and sleep well.

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