Video: Managing and trading the news (8/12)

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IG Boot Camp: Managing and trading the news

Managing and trading the news

Managing and trading the news

We get bombarded with literally millions of data points every day. Hundreds of hours of TV and radio and thousands of words written, all of it ‘news’. Does it help or hinder the trader? The truth is that with so much news it all becomes noise as the trader tries to work it out and decide what matters and what to trade.

In this video Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown, looks at price as the most important thing that matters to traders (in fact the only truth for a trader). Also how to manage or ignore that noise. An important consideration is finding Foxes (instead of Hedgehogs) to follow and finally a trading system for trading news flow.

During the video Simon mentions an excellent interview with Hlelo Giyose, you’ll find it here.

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