position sizing for trading

Video: Position sizing for traders

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Position sizing for traders Most traders have had the experience of trading “too big” and they will tell you that it very seldom works in your favour to make large trades that your account cannot handle. We will discuss two important points on this topic: What is the ideal position size for any particular trade? ...

Valuations: EV/EBITDA Model (case study FBR)

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Enterprise Value/Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. Not just a scary acronym, but a powerful valuation tool! Explanation and theory of the EV/EBITDA model - this webcast is the case study (find the theory video here) and we'll be using Famous Brands (FBR). Earn 11.25% with Retail Savings Bonds (updated)Earn 11.25% with Retail Savings ...

Investing in debt instruments

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Old timers in the investment world will always tell you that a balanced portfolio will include some debt instruments. Not debt in that your portfolio has a loan against it, rather that you buy other institutions debt. Traditionally this would be bonds but they're out of reach of most investors - however there are a ...