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ETF: Do volatility managed ETFs work in volatile times?

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

Remember those strange volatility ETFs Absa launched a while ago? They were specifically designed to protect your money during volatile times. If you’ve looked at your investments even briefly in the past two weeks, you don’t need me to tell you that the volatile times have arrived, wearing sequins and singing show tunes. Hint: You can ...
JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Podcast: Managed volatility ETFs

Simon Brown JSE Direct, Latest

Sponsored by Index and Structured Solutions, Absa CIB Simon Shares US yield curves have inverted across the range. Shorter term rates are higher then longer-term rates. Now every recession has been proceeded by a yield curve inversion. But not every yield curve inversion has been followed by a recession. So maybe it's warning us or ...