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  • South African inflation was 3.2% in March 2021.
  • Pick n Pay (JSE code: PIK) results show it was all liquor and tobacco that was the pain as it was off 31%.
  • Karooooo (JSE code: KRO) has returned after exiting as Cartrack. The market seemed confused as it opened at 6500c, it is now trading R480. Still well off the adjusted highs f over R900 as everybody got all excited about the Nasdaq listing.
  • Long4Life (JSE code: L4L) hints at possible unbundling as it looks to unlock shareholder value. I’m confused, they were just consolidating by buying up businesses? I held them but sold early in the pandemic as they were so small in my portfolio and weren’t doing much with their cash.
  • Absa (JSE code: ABG) loses their CEO.
  • Cell C reports R5.5billion full-year loss. Horror story and I never understood what Blue Label (JSE code: BLU) saw in the business.
  • PSG results without Capitec* (JSE code: CPI) and they’re buying back their preference shares.

* I hold ungeared positions.

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