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  • Level 4 lockdown. Remember the podcast of last week when I delved into the various leisure socks.
  • Argent (JSE code: ART) results. Long a stock not worth covering or owning, but they’ve changed things up the last few years.
  • Invicta (JSE code: IVT) another successful turn around and really good results.
  • JSE (JSE code: JSE) trading update, no surprise earnings under pressure.
  • Nike (NYSE code: NKE) results absolutely crushed it last week. Revenue +96%.
  • Anchor Capital published a note showing that the US had increased the number of US$ in circulation (M3) has gone up 33% over the course of the pandemic.
  • Absa’s Q2 2021 manufacturing survey shows very positive manufacturer confidence.
  • EOH (JSE code: EOH) new board suing founder Asher Bohbot for R1.6billion.
  • A US judge kicks out the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) antitrust case against Facebook. It was requesting that Facebook sell their Whatsapp and Instagram businesses. They can bring the case back again, but the bigger issue is antitrust cases against big tech in the US and EU.

  • SAB Zenzele Kabili (JSE code: SZK) has been coming down, now around R120. Still, double far value.
  • Thungela Resources (JSE code: TGA) trading at almost 4000c. Coal may be dirty and coal may be dead in time. But so far it’s been a great investment, but this is probably fair value.
  • South African Reserve Bank (SARB) turned 100 years old on Wednesday 30 June.
  • Euro Zone inflation slipped to 1.9% for June.
  • Popia is live from today.

SA recorded another trade surplus in May of R54.6billion. This is the 3rd month in a row that the surplus has been above R50billion.

Watch ~ Rand, stronger for longer

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