Video: Rand stronger for longer

Simon BrownJSE Power Hour, Webinar and Video

The Rand currently trades at pre-pandemic levels confusing many who expect it to continually weaken. But there are multiple drivers of Rand strength that could see a number of years of a stronger currency as we’ve seen before.

Certainly, we’ve seen this before, from December 2001 – January 2005 the Rand improve from almost 14.00 to under 6.00.

In this Power Hour presentation, Simon Brown from Just One Lap looks at what is pushing Rand strength. How long can it last? How strong can it go?

The short answer is to watch commodities, the higher prices mean higher exports which means a positive trade balance. Inflation differences and foreign buying/selling of local equity and bonds also impact the currency, but for now it is all about those commodity prices.

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