Podcast: Moody Moody’s and investing for income

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Moody Moody's

Moody Moodys and investing for income

Simon Shares

  • Moodys did not downgrade us, but they did put us on review for a downgrade that will put us one notch above junk status. Then we’ll have all three rating agencies on the same level with Standard & Poor heading the pack as we’re on a negative outlook with them.
  • Local bank results looking good with impairments improving (expect for Barclays Africa). On the surface they look cheap, but not if earnings weaken going forward, and earnings will weaken.
  • Now Old Mutual (JSE code: OML) may split itself up and return back to South Africa. But will (can) it sell Nedbank (JSE code: NED)?

We Get Mail

  • AntonK (via Twitter)
    • Simon, why would you call it (AB Inbev, JSE code ANB) ex growth as the two brewers together have roughly 30% global market share?.
  • CraigNotAlan (via Twitter)
    • Investing lump sum in ETFs in these markets, local & int – immediate or phased over time (& period)?
  • Arin
    • The issue I have is that I don’t have any pure property ETFs or unit trusts (except for the odd property companies within my ETFs/unit trusts). I am aware that the ProptraxTen is more of a income yielding portfolio which may be good for the TFSA, where as CSEW40 may be more of a growth portfolio if I’m not mistaken.

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