Podcast: How do we get smarter?

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How do we get smarter?

How do we get smarter?

How do we get smarter?

Simon Shares

  • Calgro M3 (JSE code: CGR) results were great. We’re seeing operational leverage coming through and a lot of projects seem to have only added a modest amount in this year with more coming in the new financial year and the memorial parks look interesting. They did have some issues with Namibia, having to relaunch the retirement development and others. Back in December / January I exited some of my position but am happy to hold the balance.
  • Pipcoin = pyramid scam
  • What’s happened to the PIIGS?
  • So Moody’s was all nice to us, sure but are we really avoiding the ultimate downgrade to junk? Standard & Poors still the one to watch with June their next update and likely the first to make us junk.
  • On the ETF blog this week we look at the Momentum ETF (JSE code: NFEMOM) as well as find out about total return which involves dividends being automatically reinvested into the ETF.
  • We’re doing a webcast of the lazy trading system on the 12th at 8pm and an IG Boot Camp on Tuesday at 6pm. Book here.

Sanlam i3 2016 Summit

I attended this event last week and have a number of thought from the speakers, in particular Dr Amlan Roy who spoke on demographics (here’s a short video interview with him).

My three key learnings;

  • Differences more important than similarities (Eusebius McKaiser)
  • Demographics most important thing we ignore (Dr Amlan Roy)
  • Most of what we think is skill is actually just higher risk (Roland Rousseau)

We Get Mail

  • Samuel
    • Is there a way to position my portfolio to minimize risk when a downgrade of the country`s credit rating is on its way? I believe that the downgrade will happen in this year. Is there a way to gain on this?
  • Everybody

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