Podcast: Hasty exits and construction valuations

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Hasty exits and construction valuations

Hasty exits and construction valuations

Simon Shares

Janine Weilbach Senior Research Analyst Thebe Stock Broking

Construction stocks have had a very hard time since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. With this in mind, how does one look at a construction company in order to make investment decisions? order books seem to be popular but often misleading, large piles of cash seem great but suddenly disappear. We speak to an expert to better understand investing in local construction.

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  • Matt C (via twitter)
    • Can you, or someone in the know, please explain Dow Theory to us?
  • Cardiprox (via Twitter)
    • How about the opposite momentum. Taking the bottom 15 top 100 shares and shorting them for the same period?
  • Johan
    • I’ve started looking at the costs involved in opening an US trading account through my broker, and to a relatively new investor like me, all the costs involved in opening an account is quite difficult to understand. Would you mind maybe giving an overview of the costs involved please?

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