Video: Getting started in trading (1/12)

Simon Brown Boot Camp, Learn Trading, Webinar


Getting started in trading can be overwhelming. The IG Boot Camp is aimed specifically at beginner traders who don’t know how to make sense of the vast amounts of trading information available in the market.

In the first video in the series, Just One Lap founder Simon Brown deals with the anxiety many traders have at the beginning of their trading career. Based on years of first-hand market experience, Simon helps beginners understand how to tackle the complex world of trading with confidence. He shares personal trading anecdotes and coping mechanisms to help you through the most difficult days as a trader.

Recorded live at the IG offices in Sandton, Simon addresses some of the most common questions beginner traders have, including:

  • Deciding which and how many stocks to trade
  • Equities vs CFDs
  • Counter-party risk
  • Managing costs

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