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Podcast: Getting to grips with fees

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Getting to grips with fees

JSE Direct with Simon Brown

JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Simon Shares

Zack Bezuidenhout S&P Dow Jones Indices

We chat indices, costs, new developments and smart beta. Zack also has a great analogy about the financial services fee structure and the medical industry that really highlights the wrongs in the financial services industry.

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  • Lauren
  • Rudolph
    • A question, are you still happy with your decision to sell all your BATS shares, after a 40% return the past year?
  • Philip
    • Regarding the debate of investing in the US or worldwide, why not invest in these 2 ETFs – namely, IXUS and ITO? I do not think you are going to find ETFs with lower fees, 0.03 and 0.14. The IXUS seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of large-, mid- and small- cap non-U.S. equities. The ITOT seeks to track the investment results of a broad-based index composed of U.S. equities.

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