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Our personality for this month is Rochelle (aka SoulFairy3 on Twitter)

How long have you been investing and what got you started?

14 years.  I started investing when my daughter was born.

What was the first ETF you bought and why did you buy it?

Satrix JSE Top 40.

I love JSE blue chip companies a bit more than I love dividends, and the Top 40 ETF gives me both. It also gives me double exposure to Sasol – I started my career with Sasol and it was also the first share I ever bought. I understand the business and the love has never ended.

How many ETFs do you currently hold?

Nine in total – 6 of these are local and 3 are offshore

What’s your favourite local listed ETF(s), and why?

Satrix RESI10.

For several reasons: Africa is a resource-rich continent and the rest of the planet needs us more than we need them. In addition, resource entities have exceptional management teams, so I trust this ETF to perform well over the long-term.

I also love the 1nvestRhodium ETF. It’s a bit higher risk for an ETF but the uses for this very rare metal are increasing. And its current use is diverse –  the automobile, jewellery, chemical and electrical industries all need this super expensive metal.

What’s your favourite offshore listed ETF(s), and why?

Global X SuperDividend ETF.

Again for several reasons: It is my most diversified ETF, with exposure across all sectors and geographies. The top two sectors are Financial Services and Real Estate, and the USA and China are the top two geographies. It also pays a monthly dividend with an annual yield of almost 12%, which I then reinvest.

Do you also hold individual shares?


What is the percentage split between ETFs and shares?

Individual shares make up 80% of my portfolio and ETFs 20%

Where to find Rochelle?

Twitter @soulfairy3 Website

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