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Stages of a trader’s competence

Njabulo Nsibande Latest, Village Trader

It’s said that there are four stages of competence in developing any skill
• Unconscious incompetence
• Conscious incompetence
• Conscious competence
• Unconscious competence
Trading is no different and a trader’s equity curve over time will help identify their current competence category.

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Village Trader: Year-end review

Njabulo Nsibande Latest, Village Trader

It’s that time of the year again… For traders, it means doing a trading review. My top three tips for reviewing your trading practice are to focus on the process (you can’t control profitability), review your play-book and to recognise your achievements.

IPO process explained

Market seasons (and spotting patterns)

Njabulo Nsibande Latest, Village Trader

Markets run in cycles similar to weather patterns. But unlike weather patterns, we cannot predict how long it will last or when the next season will start. Nevertheless, there are patterns that indicate a greater likelihood that the season is beginning or ending).

The importance of robustness

Njabulo Nsibande Latest, Village Trader

A trading strategy typically focusses on a limited number of indicators and check points. But should your strategy confine you to particular investment/trading instruments?

Lessons from 2022’s market thus far

Njabulo Nsibande Latest, Village Trader

Seasoned traders say that the worst time to start trading or investing is in a bull market. Why? Because a bull market makes you blind to the risk that comes with playing in financial markets. If you’re wondering what happened to the profits of 2021, there’s some consolation – you’re not alone.