When to sell long-term investments?

Video: When to sell long-term investments

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Long-term investing mostly revolves around finding a great company and buying at a great price. But there is an important consideration that is seldom considered, when do we sell? Ideally never? True long-term is forever – but is anything really forever?

This JSE Power Hour event is presented by Simon Brown, Just One Lap founder, and while he covers the selection process and the focus will be on the selling part of long-term investing.

Simon will help you understand how price does matter when buying yet the exit will be all about fundamentals. But what fundamentals? In his usual investing style Simon keeps it simple. He will explain how his selection criteria informs his exit decision and how he really does hope to hold quality companies until death does them part (either his death or the companies death).

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  • Watch the video on finding the right price to pay here.

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