Understanding and valuing JSE listed holding companies

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The JSE has a number of listed holding companies that have as their only asset(s) other companies, both listed and unlisted.

In this Power Hour Keith McLachlan of Integral Asset Management digs deep into the structures and opportunities as many trade at significant discount to the underlying net asset value (NAV).

He’ll also help us understand what a fair discount to NAV is and how to value the unlisted businesses within the company.

Stocks he covers in detail (what they own, cost of management and current vs. fair discount to NAV) include;

  • African Rainbow Capital (JSE code: AIL)
  • Astoria Investments (JSE code: ARA)
  • Brait SE (JSE code: BAT)
  • EPE Capital Partners (JSE code: EPE)
  • Hosken Consolidated Investments (JSE code: HIC)
  • Naspers-N (JSE code: NPN)
  • Prosus (JSE code: PRX)
  • RECM Calibre Pref Shares (JSE code: RACP)
  • Reiner Investments SCA (JSE code: RNI)
  • Remgro (JSE code: REM)
  • Sabvest Capital (JSE code: SBP)
  • Universal Partners (JSE code: UPL)

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