Is it too late to buy the commodity boom?

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Gary Booysen

Gary Booysen

The commodity price rise over the last two years has been staggering.

The Bloomberg Commodity Index has more than doubled, Brent Crude oil has rocketed from $35/bbl to $120/bbl and, even coffee prices are up more than 100%.

And, while inflation in raw materials is squeezing certain parts of the economy, savvy investors are benefiting from the:

  • 56% rise in iron ore,
  • 140% jump in corn prices, and a
  • 586% spike in coal prices.
But is it too late for you to get involved?

Rand Swiss’ Gary Booysen explores the current commodity landscape and how to position yourself. In this 1-hour video, he:

  • Gives a broad overview of today’s commodity market,
  • Discusses whether you should buy the producer or attempt to capture the underlying price move directly, as well as
  • Look at exactly how and where he is deploying his capital for maximum benefit.

Gary also suggests two stocks and a fund to capture some of the upside potential.

Rand Swiss is currently ranked the #1 securities broker in South Africa by Intellidex and the Financial Mail. They also hold the converted People’s choice award and have won the best Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) provider two years in a row.

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