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ETF: Wesley Hellyar on tech ETFs

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

I’m not going to provide a deep-dive into how to evaluate a company, nor which company has the best management team, nor which ETF’s cost structure is the least of a rip-off. Instead, I’ll utilize my contrarian personal perspective and explain that, when it comes to technology, the most important question should be:  “Will this ...

Video: Price earnings ratio

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Price earnings (PE) ratio is probably the most widely used investing metric as a measure of value. But what does it actually tell you? What is it? How can we use it? What are the traps? We will delve into PE ratios explaining them as well as bringing you the good and bad about them. ...

Video: Using price earnings ranges

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PE (price earnings ratio) is one of the most common methods for determining a shares value. In this webinar we look at the PE range of a stock or index to help determine when a quality company is offering value based on its past history. A very simple and yet powerful tool to time purchases ...