Right of reply: PPS

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Professional Provident Society (PPS), the financial services company focused solely on providing intelligent financial solutions for graduate professionals, is the only diversified financial services company in South Africa operating under the ethos of mutuality.  The group provides specialised financial services including financial planning, wealth management, fiduciary services, investments, long and short-term insurance as well as ...

Community post: Why ETFs should be questioned

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Our friend Keith Mclachlan raised some concerns around ETFs this week. Our local ETFs keep getting lower TERs, but worse and worse market-makers (wider spreads, worse liquidity, &/or longer periods of zero market-making). Bidding spreads, liquidity & market-makers are hidden costs that aren't disclosed in the TER. Beware of these. — Keith McLachlan (@keithmclachlan) March ...
ETFs offshore

Community post: Buying ETFs offshore

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This post was submitted by a Fat Wallet listener on 4 December. The writer has granted Just One Lap permission to publish this email. I had no problem opening a custody trading account with www.DeGiro.ie which has no platform fee and provides direct access to purchase almost anything you can imagine from a multitude of regions and exchanges. ...
The Fat Wallet Show with Kristia van Heerden

Podcast: Shanks for renting

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It’s really great to be part of a community - especially when it’s a community of excellent individuals. While many didn’t love what we had to say in our homeownership podcast, almost all of the feedback was of the intelligent allow-me-to-disagree variety. There wasn’t even a light shanking. I am grateful. We should all hang ...