Sygnia didn’t rip off your dividend

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Every six months Sygnia pays dividends on their Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and social media lights up with people complaining that Sygnia has ‘stolen’ a chunk of the dividend. There’s a long and a short answer here.

The short answer is no, they did not.

What Sygnia does is detail their management fee as a line item and this gets everybody hot under the collar. But all ETF issuers charge a management fee, Sygnia just details it whereas the other issuers don’t.

Below is my statement showing the dividend for the 2,910 SYGWD I own.

SYGWD dividend statement

SYGWD dividend statement

The ‘ETF fee’ of R418.43 works out at 14.4c per ETF. Using a closing price of 4280c this works out to a fee of 0.33%, double it as the fee is twice a year and you get a fee of 0.66% while the TER for this ETF is 0.69%. So right in line with the TER.

The longer answer is yes – these fees cut into your investment and it’s important to be aware of them.


* I Own this ETF

Tip: You can find out more about fees charged on ETFs (TER – Total Expense Ratio) here


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