Video: Position your portfolio for 2017 with Simon Brown

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Position your portfolio for 2017 with Simon Brown

Every year we conclude the JSE Power Hour series with a presentation by Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown. He gives his insights for the year ahead and how to position your portfolio accordingly.

Last year the presentation was just days before then Minister Nene was fired and this year’s event will be just days after the Standard and Poor’s announcement regarding South Africa’s credit status.

Simon will review his predictions from last year and look at what the year ahead holds and how we can best position our investment portfolio.

Issues that to be covered will include;

  • Junk status
  • The Rand
  • Interest rates
  • Offshore investments
  • Impact of the looming Brexit
  • Our local economy and its growth potential
  • A selection of preferred stocks for the year ahead including for your ETF portfolio


  • The PDF of the presentation is here.
  • Listen to audio only here or below.

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