Trading buddies

Podcast: Trading buddies

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Trading buddies

Trading buddies

Simon Shares

  • More downgrades as S&P Globals makes our local debt junk as well to go with Fitch. Moody’s gave us 90 days which takes us to just after the February budget and if they drop us then we full on 100% junk, AKA Brazilian.
  • The Rand is powering ahead trading in the R13.60’s against US$. My call for a stronger Rand remains in force. Slowly but surely.
  • The latest Long4Life* (JSE code: L4L) deal is a perfect fit with the Gauteng based contract bottler they are also buying. I like the share at these lower prices.
  • Yearend portfolio clean up is coming up and the one I eyeing is Calgro M3* (JSE code: CGR) in my second tier portfolio. I sold most back when Nene was fired keeping a few and they have pretty much halved since then. Checking my notes from when I sold my plan was to monitor and sell if I saw weakness. Well we got the weakness, but I didn’t sell. Now I could hold them on a prayer – but I’d rather just bin them.
  • I’ve been writing my yearend columns for FinWeek looking into 2018 events and stocks. They’ll be out Next Friday and I’ll share some in the podcast in the weeks ahead.
  • Sygnia Itrix 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity ETF (SYG4IR) lists next week.
  • ETF winners for the year, what’s RHO?
  • Up coming events;

I hold ungeared positions.

Trading buddies

Trading is often very lonely, sure there’s the people on Twitter or WhatsApp group you chat to – but mostly that’s wild and wooly and not really any support. Your friends and partner are likely not much help either as frankly they don’t truly get what you do or the pressures involved.

So we need a trading buddy, not just to keep us sane – but also to keep us honest and help us when we need it. we can use them to vent as required but even more importantly we give them access to our trading account for two reasons.

  • Firstly they check our trades and make sure we’re trading as we say we do. Keeping to the system and staying honest.
  • Secondly they can get us into or out of trades when we’re not able to.

The real hard part is finding this trading buddy. Check around your circle of friends, try Twitter and other forums and be very selective when choosing.

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  • Anne
    • Why when I look at the daily chart of an ETF does it jump all over the place?

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