Podcast: Spring clean your portfolio

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In investments we fall victim to all the consumer habits we’ve developed over a lifetime. We are fooled by bells and whistles, make impulse purchases, get home with things we don’t need only to realise we forgot the thing we went to the store for in the first place.

Second-last recording day of the year. We’re chatting spring-cleaning your portfolio. . . . #fatwallet #podcast #investing #money #justonelap

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By the end of an investment year, it can be hard to remember why we own what we own. This is especially true if you haven’t formalised your investment plan yet. With easy-to-use investment technology, it’s fun to experiment. These experiments hopefully help us develop a coherent investment philosophy over time.

Those of us outside of the retail sector have a bit more time for reflecting this time of year. It’s a great opportunity to take a critical look at our portfolios. In this episode, we help a listener make choices about individual shares cluttering her portfolio. We also consider strategies to deal with duplication resulting from ETF holdings.

This was our second-last recording day for the year. We are looking forward to recording six mini-episodes over a bottle (or two) of bubbles next week.


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