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  • Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) delivered really strong results for the six months ending December.
  • Shoprite daily chart

    Shoprite daily chart

    Purple* (JSE code: PPE) is up some 20% in the last ten days. A buyer has arrived and thanks to low liquidity they’re moving the price.

  • Good update from AdVTech* (JSE code: ADH) and results fro Stadio (JSE code: SDO) while Curro (JSE code: COH) was modest. Seems tertiary education was the winner and schools are under pressure but longer-term a sector I like.
  • Astral (JSE code: ARL) update.
  • TSA travel numbers are hitting their highest levels since lockdown started. Still only about half what they were before lockdown but the US is vaccinating and opening up. This while Europe looks to be starting the third wave and locally nobody will give/sell us any vaccines. So globally this re-opening is going to be very lumpy with the US and UK seemingly winners in the vaccine front (ironic after they were losers on the pandemic front).
  • Sun International (JSE code: SUI) nothing to write home about. Lots of chatter about the re-opening trade with City Lodge (JSE code: CLH) up about a third in March. But with at least one more (and maybe even two more) Covid-19 surges and resultant lockdown restrictions I am staying cautious for now.
  • The March 16-17 FOMC statement comes out between my recording and you listening. No rate change so it’s all about the language. Even in the face of a strong economy are they still prepared to do whatever it takes and leave rates low into 2023?

* I hold ungeared positions.

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Small caps for the win

MidCap index is up about 10% so far in 2021, nice and pretty much exactly what thee Top40 has done. Of course, the Resi10 has done almost 20%, but the winner, small caps up some 20%.

The property index has returned single digits in 2021 so far, but technically it is looking ready to break higher.
We also now have all the large bank results and they were okay. The index is up some 5% and looking tired. There is value here but not sure there is any need to rush.

Property index, daily chart

Property index, daily chart

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