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  • Bitcoin* hits US$48,000 as Tesla declares they put US$1.5billion into the crypto.
  • Platinum finally on the move and above US$1,200 for the first time since 2015.
Platinum weekly chart

Platinum weekly chart

  • Sibanye Stillwater* (JSE code: SSW) best illustrates the boom in mining profits. In 2019 they made R62million now 2020 they expect almost R30billion and over 1000c HEPS. Could we see a 500c dividend?
  • Metrofile* (JSE code: MFL) very solid update and the stock has recovered from their 2019 wobble. There are still two potential buyers, one stuck in Australia, truthfully, I would rather they remain potential and I will hold the stock.

* I hold ungeared positions.

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Should I sell the bounce?

Depends why you bought the stock.

  • A long-term investment? No, then you keep it and focus on fundamentals rather than price.
  • A quick trade to make a few bucks. Then absolutely sell the bounce, you won’t get the top price (well maybe you’ll get lucky) and as we saw with Telkom (JSE code: TKG) the bounce just keeps on bouncing. So watch and wait and sell on weakness after the bounce That may be immediate or may take a few days or a week.

Waiting for the weakness is a skill you’ll learn, slowly over time.

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