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  • Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) results were stellar, the best food retailer anywhere on this planet? Operating margin from 5.6% last year to 5.76% in the 2017 (more than double that of Pick n Pay), market share growing, rest of Africa rocking (albeit some currency pains).
  • ADvTech (JSE code: ADH) results show tertiary booming but schools under a bit of pressure that they partly blame on “rise in the number of families emigrating”? I like the stock, am doing some more digging and working out my preferred pricing. Will update my portfolio page as and when, certainly cheaper and better positioned than Curro (JSE code: COH).
  • Implats (JSE code: IMP) wins the award for stupidest thing in a SENS announcement “The major reason for the decline in HEPS from the comparative period is that the prior year gross profit declined to a gross loss in the current year.”
  • BHP Billiton* (JSE code: BIL) results show them back on track. Reducing debt, paying dividends and not going crazy on capex. I have been holding for ages but not buying, I have updated the buy price and it comes out at R168, so a long way off.
  • Naspers (JSE code: NPN) hit R3,001.00 and it still valued at less than its passive stake in TenCent.
  • The video from Trader Petri is online – things he does well as a trader.
  • Understanding the Satrix MSCI World ETF.
  • Up coming events;

I hold ungeared positions.

Scam alert

Recently I have been getting a ton of scam phone calls around trading and investing that follow two themes.

The first is offering me some training and software that will make me a fortune, usually 40% in six months! It won’t. If it was so awesome why’s this person stuck in a call center cold calling me?

The second is offering to get me on the ground floor on some stock (such as Space-X, Uber or the like) or alternatively they’ve got a hot tip for me. If it all so hot, why are they cold calling me? Surely people would be queuing up to buy?

These are scams, disconnect the call and if you can block the number and warn your friends. Certainly do not start sending money offshore to some random voice on the phone regardless who they say they are. Nor pay top money for software and training when much is free or cheap on the internet.

We Get Mail

  • Babsy
    • What is the importance of having ETF in ones portfolio? why cant one just invest in shares only as this ETF also generate their income in shares. In a nutshell what is the importance of ETF in ones portfolio?
  • Steven
    • I invested in the DBXWD last week, me and a partner got into a discussion about what happens to my portfolio if I die?

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