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fw_300919Earlier this week we introduced ourselves to the education department at the financial sector conduct authority (FSCA). They recommended we spend some time on what you can do when you feel like you’ve been wronged financially. In this episode we discuss what rights you have on your financial journey. We also offer some ideas of where to go if you need to report shenanigans. 

We help you find the answer throughout your financial journey:

  • Debt 
    • If you didn’t take on the debt
    • If you feel like you have been treated unfairly
    • If you’ve been handed over
    • If you can’t take on any more debt
  • Savings
    • If your money got stolen
    • If you’re not getting what you were promised
  • Insurance
    • If your insurance company isn’t paying out for things you feel you should be covered for
  • Investments
    • Fraudulent investments
    • Bad market conditions
    • Losing money
    • Bad returns
    • Pyramid schemes
  • Advice
    • If you received the wrong advice

The bleeped version is here.

Win of the week: Hilois

I have just finished the latest episode highlighting rookie mistakes, and I have made a BIIIG one.

Earlier this year I moved from my company providing a provident fund with Momentum, to a company that does not include a retirement option. I decided to get an RA. Conveniently I received a call from a 3rd party consultant for Discovery (where I have my medical aid). I was in a rush (and obviously hadn’t started listening to The Fat Wallet Show) and signed up for an RA with 3.5% fees, not including the consulting fees (EEEEEEEEEK!).

Luckily this only started in May, and before I completely fund someone’s Merc I would like to make a move, but I now feel completely overwhelmed with where to look and not to be ripped off.

Do you have any recommendations for where to open an RA, and look for life / dread disease and disability cover?


I am a Surgeon and have been offered shares in Cure Day Clinic in Midstream. The shares are unlisted, but I can buy in at R250k for 2.5%.


Are there any tax benefits I can claim or get with a retrenchment package? How would you suggest I go about it? 

Is there any way I could get more of the money in my pocket, even if it is at a later stage? I’m not sure if I would get the money in a lump sum or installments. Not too sure how it works. 

My plan is to settle all debt, mostly my car. I can then fund my emergency fund and my flip-a-table fund.

I have a TFSA that I haven’t put money into this financial year.

That’s about what I have in place. I want to put money away for both my parents to say thank you to them for standing by me. My mom is in her 60s and my stepdad in his 70s. I get the feeling I am their retirement plan. So this needs to be part of whatever I’m planning with the money. 

In the meantime, I’m doing online Teaching from my apartment. That’s $10 an hour. I’m busy finishing the TEFL course which will increase my rate by $5. So that’s an income for me. I know I can claim back a bunch of things with working from home and sorting out my own tax. Although it’s a priority, it’s not high up on my list. The big thing is to sort out the retrenchment package benefits, get my parents sorted, cancel debt and have my six months flip a table fund.

If you have any suggestions, even if where to read up, that would be great. 

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