Podcast: Retirement revisited

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, The Fat Wallet

How it happened that November turned into the retirement annuity month, I’m not sure. Following our previous two episodes, we were bombarded by questions and concerns around RAs. It seems our episode on choosing an RA spurred many of you into action.

We hear from an 86-year-old listener how far the 15% savings rate actually gets you. Hint: not very.

We help two listeners figure out if they’re paying too much for their annuities. One listener is struggling to find the right answers to his retirement question from his provider, Discovery. We also discuss Stealthy’s reasons for not loving RAs.

I can send virtual dirty looks to expensive providers for days, but the last three episodes reiterated the importance of keeping a very close eye on my investments. I contribute more to my retirement annuity than any other investment. We’ve seen providers won’t be brought to book for selling expensive, wealth-depleting products. We’ve seen legislation change. My future financial security rests solely with me, as yours does with you.


P.S. Our survey results are in. Check them out here.

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