Nikkei highs, Pick n Pay lows, Bitcoin +R1million

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Nikkei 225 reached a new all-time high after 35 years
  • Historical context: peaked in December 1989, 82% drawdown by March 2009.
  • Factors contributing to the 80s crash: Yen protection, low rates, speculative bubble.
  • Current challenges: aging population, economic complexities, recent inflation.
  • Investment options: Sygnia JP (SYGJP) – JSE-traded, and Investec’s structured product.

JSE listed REITs
Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter
City Lodge Results
  • City Lodge results: Revenue up 10%, dividend up 20%, HEPS up 10%.
  • Occupancy at 61%, pricing power at 65%.
  • Challenges in margins due to increased focus on food and beverage.
  • Comparison with other hospitality stocks: Sun International, Southern Sun.
MultiChoice Canal+ Offer
  • Canal+ acquires 35.01% of MultiChoice voting rights, triggering a mandatory offer.
  • Takeover Regulation Panel ruling.
  • Speculation on Canal+ offer price, potential sweetening of the deal.
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Halving
  • Bitcoin trading around $59,884, near all-time highs.
  • Upcoming Bitcoin halving in April and its potential impact.
  • Local perspective on Bitcoin and its role in the market.
  • Bitcoin in ZAR trading over a million, emphasising its volatility.
  • Discussion on Bitcoin’s market cap compared to traditional stocks.
Pick n Pay* Update
  • Pick n Pay’s disappointing update: debt doubled, sales going backward.
  • Market’s negative reaction reflected in the stock price.
  • Potential exit strategy if weekly close falls below 2022.

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