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  • Eskom is “technically insolvent” and load shedding is back, why are we surprised? This was promised us when we had some in December. Bottom line it’s a mess, costly to the economy and fixing Eskom is critical and very difficult. Watch the budget next week.
  • EOH woes continue as the stock lost over 20% on Tuesday on the news that Microsoft had cancelled their partnership agreement. In a late SENS the company stated the revenue was not material, but investors have three questions they’re asking themselves. 1// Can we trust EOH management ?? 2// How do you get a Microsoft partnership agreement cancelled ?? 3// Why is EOH management always so slow on shareholder communications ??
  • Curro (JSE code: COH) results are not bad, albeit HEPS +23% with a PE of some 40x is light and the stock is expensive. We are starting to see operational leverage as revenue is +19% and HEPS +23% and a 12c dividend. However debt has jumped almost 20%, but still manageable. Learner numbers increased 12% while Meridian has halved their losses.
  • Woolies* (JSE code: WHL) lose two non-exec board members with immediate effect. Pushed or jumped? Likely the latter.
  • Wilson Bayly (JSE code: WBO) has been one of the very few construction stocks holding it together, until now. A trading update suggests profits 80%-100% lower after making a mess of an Australian contract.
  • Wild and tax-free.
  • Upcoming events;

* I hold ungeared positions.

Managed funds

Managed funds are when you hand over your hard earned money to a third party to invest or trade on your behalf, supposedly with great returns in offer. Sure it works with the right processes in place, but it mostly carries huge risk.

Firstly let me state up front I have never heard of a FX or crypto managed fund making money. They’ve all been scams with the first indication is that you find them on Facebook offering huge returns. They have zero verifiable track record and zero regulation or audit processes.

Most trading managed fund accounts also end in tears.

So how do we find a managed fund? Well firstly a unit trust, hedge fund or ETF is a managed fund of sorts with tons or regulations protecting the investor. Why not use these? The issue is usually that we want a managed fund with grand returns, don’t we all?

But seriously, some questions to ask;

  • Who are you registered with? FSCA as an absolute first port of call.
  • Audited track record.
  • Compliance and dispute process?
  • Fees. Here things get tricky as there is likely a managed fund fee and performance fees. But also transaction fees that can be excessively high.
  • Mandate. What are they transacting in and what are they trying to achieve? Income, growth, derivatives?
    Withdrawal process.

The short answer is that if you want a managed fund, buy a collective investment scheme. No you won’t get rich in a hurry, but you’ll also likely not get ripped off either.

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