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  • Coronation* (JSE code: CML) grows assets, fees and dividends.
  • PPC (JSE code: PPC) results look good.
  • Purple Group* (JSE code: PPE) price action looking weak.
  • PGMs fading again.
  • Hospital group stocks; Life Healthcare JSE code: LHC) and Netcare (JSE code: NTC) both had fair results as they get better at managing the pandemic.
  • Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) launched their banking account, under pinned by Grindrod Bank (JSE code: GND) who also stand to benefit from the MTBPS last week whereby the minister said they’d allow independent traffic on the Transnet rail network by end of 2022.
  • Turkish lira collapse. This is what happens when your central bank is not independent.
  • Two stocks that made a real difference to my portfolio over the last two decades, Capitec* (JSE code: CPI) and Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP).

* I hold ungeared positions.

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