Podcast: Investing for immediate income

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So much of what we discuss on The Fat Wallet has to do with investing for some future date. We never really get around to what to invest in if you need money right away. Unfortunately the first thing you need, for those of you who suddenly perked up, is capital.

Listener (and great guy) Daniel Jacinto is paying for his parents’ medical aid with income from a buy-to-let property. Since discovering The Fat Wallet, Daniel has realised there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and if that way doesn’t have to involve levies and maintenance it’s probably more fun.

This week we discuss Daniel’s options, as well as the cool new products we love and we get to peek inside a very decent investment portfolio. Since we haven’t recorded a Fat Wallet in two weeks and haven’t really had a chance to hang out since Simon’s return from holiday, this one seems to get to the one hour mark without us.

Links and sources

At the beginning of the episode I get a bit lyrical about Stash

We also talk about a new robo advisor from OUTsurance. Find OUTvest here.

We didn’t think it was possible, but our Listener Love Index seems to be doing worse than before.


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