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  • Somebody capitulated on Metrofile* (JSE code: MFL) this morning. The stocks hit 160c, then 239c and is now 1c up at 220c and I picked up a few on a DY of over 10%. Over R4million has traded so far, so decent volume for this stock. SENS just out is that Sabvest (JSE codes: SBV & SVN) picked up just under half of the volume at 200c – 235c. They already own just over 10%.
  • Ascendis Health (JSE code: ASC) continues to plummet as directors continue to be forced sellers. Just messy.
  • Position your portfolio for 2019.
  • Next show, 17 January 2019.

* I hold ungeared positions.

End of year portfolio review

What was the returns of your different portfolios for 2018? Across the different strategies (trading, equity, ETF etc.). Did you beat your benchmark over 1, 3 and 5 years? Here’s how to work out your returns by unitising your portfolios.

This is hugely important because if we’re consistently losing against the benchmark frankly we should quit and just buy the benchmark. That said under performing over a year doesn’t worry me, it’s the three and five years that would worry me deeply.

I haven’t run my numbers yet, but pretty sure I am red for the year, not sure if I am below Top40 total return (my benchmark). But I have a good run in recent years beating the benchmark thanks to a diverse portfolio and 2018 has been a tough, very tough year.

My ETF portfolio doesn’t stress me, it only holds broad based ETFs (no niche or sub index ETFs) so it’ll do just fine over the long-term.

I also use his year end period to do a deep review of the stocks I hold. Naturally I am keeping on eye on results and news during the year. But year end I revisit my research and reasons for buying and check they’re still in force and the stocks are the quality I’d hope they’d be when I bought them. This review is not about price so much, if the stock is quality in time the price will follow.

What I also do is revisit my entry methodology for price. As I often mention the only thing we as investors really can control is the price we buy at, so we need to exercise that control. I use the 7 year average PE buying when forward PE is below. It is far from perfect but has served me well and kept me from buying over priced stocks, sometimes literally waiting for years and years before I will add a stock. Then of course sometimes it has me buying a stock that just keeps on falling (yes looking at you Woolies* and Famous Brands*). But mostly it keeps me out of over inflated stocks.

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