Video: Position your portfolio for 2019

Simon BrownJSE Power Hour, Webinar and Video

The JSE Power Hour concludes every year with a presentation by Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown, in which he gives his market predictions for the year ahead.

2017 was a tough year, but 2018 was even tougher as the local market briefly entered official bear market status in late October (red October as it’s now being called).

Simon kicks off the event by first checking back on his December 2017 predictions he made for 2018, and spoiler alert – we suspect his stellar track record from previous years may have hit a major bump in the road.

Looking ahead to 2019, Simon then focuses on local and global economic and political events. He’ll discuss how he expects these to affect markets, commodities, currencies and interest rates. He’ll also look for some local shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that may be worth considering within this context.

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