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  • Local inflation slightly higher at 4.8% in August, as expected.
  • UK inflation hits 18 month low at 6.7%.
  • Spur (JSE code: SUR) is ex-div and price back around 2600c.
  • ARM (Nasdaq code: AR~M) listing, another very expensive stock.

Disney* (NYSE code: DIS) valuation at decade lows

  • Succession issues
    • Bob-Bob-Bob. Now latest Bob wants to stay longer.
  • ESPN
    • Struggling and may be for sale?
  • Disney+ and Hulu
  • Theme parks
    • Plans to invest $60billion over the next 10 years, more than double previously committed.
  • Marvel + Star Wars
    • Both giant brands
  • Florida
    • Politicians move on eventually.

Charts by Koyfin 15% discount for first 2 years

* I hold ungeared positions.

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