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We are 70 episodes strong! What a ride!

As you may have noticed by now, The Fat Wallet Show tries to help you figure out how to think about your money. The theory is if you understand a few surprisingly simple concepts, you have the tools you need to make great financial decisions. Once you have a handle on these concepts, you need a solid financial base. Getting that in place takes about a month, if you focus.

We discussed the things you need to understand to make a good financial decision here. To recap, they are:

We discussed your financial base in a two-part series on how to structure your pay cheque. Listen to that here and here. To recap, those are:

  • An emergency fund
  • A retirement annuity or pension fund
  • Dread and disability cover
  • Medical aid
  • A tax-free savings account

In this episode we bring everything together by telling you how to put together a tax-free ETF portfolio. We discuss diversification by asset class, region, sectors and investment strategies. This is the process we use to put together our ETF portfolios. We were inspired to revisit this by this slide from an S&P Dow Jones Indices.

We have our first ever giveaway this week. I’ll be speaking at the Liberty Retire Well Masterclass on 9 November. To win one of three tickets worth R250, let us know which financial concept or term you think is well understood by everyone but you.

Thanks for listening to The Fat Wallet Show!


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