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  • Trellidor* (JSE code: TRL), I’ve been buying. We’ve seen DIY stocks doing well and small SA Inc shares surprise to the upside and I think this could be one of them. Interim is end December so an update should arrive around mid-February.
  • Sygnia (JSE code: SYG) results were really good. This stock was very expensive at listing and above 2400c in 2016 it was crazy. But price came down and earnings increased so now looking fairly priced and very well positioned in the low cost and passive space with even trading contributing around 25% to revenue.
  • I received an email about being charged massive fees for a trade that happened over multiple days. This is not new and is how the JSE charges. Trades on one day, same stock and all buys or sells are bulked together and charged as one trade. But trades in separate days are each charged as a new trade and so the brokerage minimums hit and can hit hard, very hard. The way to avoid is when you get that SMS for first trade to adjust the price to ensure full quantity or do an at market trade.
  • Next show will be 14 January; predictions with Marc Ashton, Keith Mclachlan and myself. We look back at the previous years and make new bold ones.
  • Position your portfolio for 2021

* I hold ungeared positions.

2020 finished n klaar

I’ve lived a lot of years but no matter how many, none like this one. What is has done is force us to reflect on things. Frankly to reflect on pretty all things as everything got turned upside-down.

As an example, I ‘had’ to live in Johannesburg because of my TV work. Well, now we know that isn’t the case as I have been doing weekly TV shows from my lounge since March. In the future, I continue doing TV work from my lounge, and that the lounge could be anywhere with high-speed Internet.

I also remember hard lockdown surrounded by all my ‘things’. They did not make my life beautiful, I missed people and experiences.

I also remember my portfolio crashing and not even checking how bad it was. Markets recover, sure this recovery was swifter than anything I have seen before and made no sense. But markets often don’t make sense and fighting them is fruitless.

It also gave us a real-time chance to measure a number of important investment considerations.

  • How robust were the stocks you held?
  • How diverse was your portfolio?
  • Did you react accordingly?
  • I sold some much-loved stocks that I thought would be in serious trouble and even bought a gold miner for the first time ever.
  • Did you panic?

I did not get everything right, that truthfully is never the aim. But I also did not sit stuck like a deer in the headlights.
Point being, 2020 has been wild and we should reflect, reflect lots on our lives and or portfolios. If we do that right then we’ll be stronger in the future.

Lastly, watch out for the push back. Lots of incentives to return to how it was, but is that what you want? Did you like the old way or do you see a new improved way or a blend? Decide and then make it happen.

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