Podcast: New listings in hot sectors

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New listings in hot sectors

New listings in hot sectors

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  • New Satrix ETFs; S&P500, MSCI World Index and MSCI Emerging Markets Investable Markets and at low ‘target’ TERs. A price war in the local ETF offerings?
  • Wednesday was exactly ten years since the UK had an interest rate increase from the BoE?
  • Calgro M3* (JSE code: CGR) issued a press release stating that they’re cutting back on ‘wet work’ in the Western Cape due to drought. But no SENS?
  • ANC policy conference has proposed that the SA Reserve Bank be nationalised. Aside from my (so far failed) attempt to buy shares in it, so what? Shareholders have no say in the running of the bank and almost every other central bank is state owned.
  • What percentage ETFs in a portfolio?
  • Upcoming events

* I hold ungeared positions.

New listings in hot sectors

We’ve seen two small stock listing recently that were trying to attach themselves onto the hype of a hot sector. Gold Brands in the quick service restaurant (QSR) space and Pembury in education. Both have failed and both teach us an important lesson in the new stars that are worth investing in.

It is about quality, it always is. Sure a raging bull market will lift all stocks as we saw way back in 2005-8 listing boom. But in a more subdued market, a more skeptical market, quality matters. Cash matters, brands matter, management matters. It all really matters. It is not enough to just be in the right space.

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