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Too much stuff, sell it all

Too much stuff, sell it all

Simon Shares

  • Local retail sales updates thus far are poor with negative like for like sales after inflation the norm across the board (mostly). Standouts; Mr Price (JSE code: MRP) still getting their lunch handed to them, Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) is a retail monster with rest of Africa booming.

* I hold ungeared positions.

Too much stuff

I’m calling it life style creep when you wake up one morning and my large house is no longer big enough. We’re surely doing it wrong? So my lovely wife an I are pushing back, down scaling into a small apartment and getting rid of 95% of our stuff. Pretty much everything except essential furniture, share portfolio (some portfolios are potentially under the hammer) and art. We simple have too much stuff and a simpler life with less stuff is in order. Bigger picture is to become a digital nomad living in AirBNB apartments; watching whales from Stillbaai in August / September and so on. But it starts with less stuff.

We get mail

Will kick off again next week, send us your questions and we’ll answer them.

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