Podcast: Money dilemmas

In Latest, The Fat Wallet by Kristia van Heerden

Sometimes a lot of deliberation about money ends in an either, or situation. This week is all about those dilemmas. Firstly, we think about monetising our podcast. It seems only logical that a podcast about money should make some money. Do we find a sponsor for the podcast or rely on our listeners for donations?

Our listeners have dilemmas about who to trust with their money, whether to buy the Preftrax ETF, how much should be invested offshore and how to handle different investment horizons. We manage to get around to all of this and to pontificate a bit, which is why this is another very long episode. It might be the new normal.

Lastly we are thrilled to find a happy retiree with an awesome name. Our stomach-dropping moment comes courtesy of John Morrison. He points out buying a living annuity is a decision worth millions. Why is nobody talking about this?

Please let us know if you have any strong feelings about podcast sponsorships. Also write in if you’re happily retired. Remember, The Fat Wallet Show is a show about questions. Send all of this, and all your other random thoughts to ask@justonelap.com.