Mini podcast: Rules of thumb for property, tax and offshore

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The Fat Wallet Show

The Fat Wallet Show

While every question we receive on this podcast pertains to a completely unique financial situation, some themes recur. More often than not, the questions we receive pertain to property investments, tax efficiency and foreign investing.

In this mini podcast, Simon and I discuss the answers we give most often to these questions. If you’re a regular listener, a lot of this might sound familiar to you. Perhaps hearing us talk about them again inspires you to revisit these areas to ensure you’ve got the right mix for your financial situation.

We are so happy that you’re taking a break from your merriment to share a few minutes of your holiday with us. We hope it’s a pleasant day, however you choose to celebrate it.

If you have a pressing question, sleep on it for a few more weeks. We’re back to our inboxes on 15 January 2018.


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