Mini podcast: Alternative assets? No, thanks!

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, The Fat Wallet

The Fat Wallet Show with Kristia van HeerdenThere’s nothing Wolf of Wall Street about long-term wealth creation, especially for us index investors. You diligently put away what you can and wait for the market to do its thing. If you’re not fond of watching paint dry, you probably won’t get your kicks from this investment strategy.

It’s not surprising, therefore, than we often receive questions about alternative asset classes. If you’ve been bored out of your mind with your investment strategy, you are ready for some action. Like everyone else, I’d love to tell the story of the one investment decision that made me rich. It’s investment lore at its best.

In this podcast, Simon and I discuss the alternative asset classes we get asked about and why we never have a satisfying answer for thrill-seekers or artists.


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