Managing multiple trading systems

Podcast: Managing multiple trading systems

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Managing multiple trading systems

Managing multiple trading systems

Simon Shares

  • Purple (JSE code: PPE) who own Easy Equities had a very rough set results and as they comment in the commentary they need a capital injection. What does this mean for the business and clients?

  • Listed property or buy-to-let Power Hour was great, packed wth tons of details and the spreadsheet so you can crunch your own numbers.
  • Kering results showed very strong growth for their luxury brands in Asia Pacific and this has spurred Richemont* (JSE code: CFR) higher. Details; Gucci +48% vs consensus +21%, Bottega Veneta +2% vs consensus -4%, Saint Laurent +33% vs consensus +19%.
  • Steinhoff (JSE code: SNH) is loving the French election first round results.
  • Upcoming events

* I hold ungeared positions.

Trading multiple systems

How to manage trading different systems? I trade three system with ALSI futures and I manage it by having a primary system that takes precedence over the other two, otherwise I could end up short and long at the same time. Alternatively trade different products (add FX to the mix and trade different crosses). Another option is one trading system but different products or markets.

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