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  • The Balwin (JSE code: BWN) listing has been modest – very modest. The stock trades around 1020c after listing at 988c and the first trade at 1100c.
  • Lonmin (JSE code: LON) announces a massive rights issue to deal with their debt maturing in the second quarter of 2016. There was a massive spike initially (short squeeze) before it settled down.
  • Famous Brands (JSE code: FBR) were not bad. However, top line-growth did not translate into bottom-line growth as margins got squeezed.

Patrick Barker – Wealth Tap
We chat about the current state of the markets and how to position a long-term portfolio in this market.

Patrick did a JSE Power Hour for us earlier in the year called “Separating the Sizzle from the Steak”. It’s about finding dodgy numbers in listed companies. The video is at the bottom of the post


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